Experience the Healing Power of Floatation Therapy

Imagine a quiet space to just BE: in a large private tub filled with so much healing Epsom salt, you float effortlessly. You’re in a soundproof suite, distraction free, and if you choose to dim the lights, in complete darkness. Stress, tension, headaches, and pain all melt away. Providing the ultimate in relaxation, recovery, and healing, floating offers a welcome rest from modern day living.

Relax and Reset with Floatation Therapy in Huntington, NY .

Sometimes your body just needs a rest. A moment, a reprieve from all it is asked to do.

Sometimes, it just needs to float.

In an Epsom salt solution that is more buoyant than the Dead Sea, your body can feel deep relief from stress. Once the pressure of the world is literally off of its shoulders, knees, and back, that freedom from gravity can allow your body to be relieved of so much more—high blood pressure, fatigue, joint and even muscle pain. You’ll be free for some serious relaxation—and later, an incredible night’s sleep.

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It’s time you lost your mind with Floatation Therapy.

With the pressure off your physical body you’re free to journey; roam and get lost.

It starts with Theta brainwaves, the ones that happen as you drift towards sleep, floating between states. Marked by a flash of insight that is quickly forgotten, Theta brainwaves are the realm of the subconscious. With no distractions and no outside world, you are in a place of vivid mental images, visionary inspiration and insightful creativity.

Floatation therapy has been shown to help even novice participants experience extended periods of Theta brainwave activity, normally available only to advanced students of meditation.

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As your body floats effortlessly in the nothingness of sensory deprivation . . .

All extraneous input is removed.

Your mind can now reboot to achieve a truly focused level of concentration. In such a hyper-focused state, the possibilities are limitless. Your creativity has the freedom to soar. Your mind can process and analyze information in ways it never has before. And you’ll emerge from your float with your senses honed and your horizons broadened

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