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Press Release
January 2018


Floatation Therapy Comes To Long Island

Leaning in to their passion for floating and making this healing practice more widely available to Long Islanders, a New York Duo is bringing nothingness and everything to Huntington, New York with a new state-of-the-art Sensory Deprivation Floatation Therapy Center next month.

Having launched a world class float center in Brooklyn in 2015, Lift / Next Level Floats’ Co-Owners’ David Leventhal and Gina Antioco are thrilled to expand their practice to bring a new floatation therapy center to Long Island. The new facility is 1,400 square feet and features four private float suites along with a post-float lounge. Each float suite features a state of the art cabin style float tank manufactured in the United Kingdom by Ocean Float Rooms and is fully equipped with private showers with rain head.

“Imagine a quiet space to just be: in a large private tank filled with so much healing Epsom salt, you float effortlessly,” says Antioco. “You’re in a soundproof suite, distraction free, and if you choose to dim the lights, in complete darkness. Stress, tension, headaches, and pain all melt away. Providing the ultimate in relaxation, recovery, and healing, floating provides a welcome rest from modern day living.”

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The center is located at 42 Gerard Street Huntington, NY 11743 and is slated to open in mid-February.

“Gina and I both grew up in Long Island, and still have family nearby, so our roots are deep. In Brooklyn, we frequently have guests who journey in from Long Island, and who will now have a closer option,” Leventhal says. “We’re passionate about making this practice more widely available and we’re thrilled to share the healing benefits of floating with Long Islanders.

Floatation Therapy is the relaxation practice of lying effortlessly in about ten inches of water mixed with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts for at least 60 minutes (or longer upon request). The water is heated to room temperature and light and sound are completely removed, separating your senses in a weightless salt-tank that promotes deep relaxation, healing, pain relief, and mindful meditation.

“For an hour,” Leventhal goes on to say, “It’s an enforced escape from all of that. A lot of our clients in creative fields and tech have epiphanies in the tank as the freedom from distraction gets their creative juices flowing. We frequently hear guests say that after a float, they feel like they have just returned from vacation.”

Secure Your Floatation Therapy Session At Our Long Island Location

Huntington Pre-Sale Floats start at $49 with regular float prices ranging from $79 to $99. Multiple float packages are available as well as VIP membership packages.

Lift/Next Level Floats’ Brooklyn center has welcomed A-list celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Zak Effron, Colin Kaepernick and Questlove to name a few, has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, People, and offers a first class luxury floating experience.

Is Floatation Therapy Right For You?

Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, sore muscles, or you just want to relax and unwind, floatation therapy is growing in popularity among athletes, celebrities, actors, writers, comedians, musicians, and every day people who want to break away from modern day life and enjoy some peace, tranquility and mindfulness. While the benefits of floating differ from person to person, most floaters experience a wide range of health benefits including feeling relaxed, with lower stress levels and pain-free after an hour of floating.

Pre-opening discounted bookings are filling quickly at Long Island’s premier float center. Are you ready to “get lifted” and experience deep relaxation and healing with float therapy?

Be one of Lift Long Island’s first floaters! Reserve your float at Lift Floats’ Long Island with pre-sale discounted pricing of $49 here.

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Hours: Mon – Sun 8:30am – 10pm with additional hours available upon request. Clients are encouraged to decompress post-float in the lounge area. For more information, call 631.923.3099 or email: huntington@liftfloats.com



Floatation Therapy Long Island

Lift/Next Level Floats Brings World Class Sensory Deprivation/ Floatation therapy to Long Island.
The New Celebrity and Athlete Trend of Floatation Therapy is coming to Long Island.