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CBD Benefits: Discover the Healing Power of CBD

CBD Benefits

  CBD Benefits: Reclaim Your Calm with CBD Oil CBD benefits are many, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep and easing arthritis and fibromyalgia pain, CBD products have a wide range of healing benefits. Touted for its anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic healing attributes, it’s no surprise CBD products are the top wellness trend […]

Epsom Salt Benefits: Treat Chronic Pain, Reduce Stress & More!

Epsom Salt Benefits

What is Epsom Salt? Did you know that salt can actually be good for you? We’re talking about soaking in Epsom Salts, that is, not ingesting table salt, which according to the latest medical advice should be consumed in moderation. Made from the minerals magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is an easy and inexpensive source […]

CBS News Report -Sensory Deprivation Tanks Explained

In a special preview of upcoming news, John Dickerson explores floatation therapy with CBS News Report – sensory deprivation tanks.

Floatation Therapy Benefits

   Floatation Therapy Benefits: Healing for Your Mind and Spirit Ultimate Relaxation, Deep Meditation, & Pain Relief Awaits It’s widely known that floatation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, offers therapeutic healing benefits for your body, but did you know that the floatation therapy benefits go deeper and can even help you both mentally and spiritually? […]

Benefits Of Floatation Therapy

Benefits of Floatation Therapy: Healing for Your Body Imagine floating effortlessly in approximately 250 gallons of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt; the water maintained at skin temperature and the tanks are light proof and soundproof inside. With most sensory input eliminated and your body free from gravity, you can easily experience the benefits […]